Howe Sound Crest Trail (South) 11/10/08

Carollyne at Howe Sound Crest Trail (South):
“Ivy, Joss, Ming, Yaniv and I enjoyed hiking to St. Mark’s Summit and the south peak of Unnecessary Mountain. On the way, we attempted to see Bowen Island from the lookout recommended in Dawn Hanna’s book, and seemed to lose all our elevation gain before giving up, after small glimpses of the water. This lookout trail isn’t worth the effort when the excellent views from St. Mark’s are so close by. The trail, as far as St. Mark’s is now muddy, frosty and icy in parts, but was still in good condition. After St. Mark’s, the trail deteriorates, with long stretches of sometimes steep, tangled roots and several blown down trees to cross over or go under. We briefly lost the trail three times, missing switchback turns – as the trail looked so similar to its surroundings. The rocky, open stretches and views were worth the workout, however. The Unnecessary Mountain area was quite busy with hikers, some on the steeper north peak. We decided one more descent and ascent was one too many, and we had no regrets as it took almost as long to retrace our steps back to the parking lot – eight hours in total, including lunch and breaks.”

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