Howe Sound Crest Trail 06/09/08

Michelle on the southern section of the Howe Sound Crest Trail:
“The scenery did not disappoint! A shady forest trail provided pocket views all along the route. Each summit was more impressive than the last – St Mark’s, South and North summits of Unnecessary provided even more spectacular views than the last. That being said, ignore the mild elevation and grade stats on this hike – your actual gain tackled is far more than 600 m as the trail rises and falls like a roller coaster and is rugged, rooty and rocky. Especially past St Mark’s – think upper Grouse Grind. As well – WATCH YOUR MARKERS! Both ways! There are several trails in the area – make sure you make the turn on switch backs and don’t go straight on by (on what looks like the path). Also, as a friendly couple we passed kindly shared – there are multiple branches on return and many have gotten lost, especially from taking a left fork returning from Unnecessary. When leaving Unnecessary DO NOT take the first trail to the left – stay to your RIGHT and follow the rocky bluffs as far as you can, down to the first no-name mini-summit/bluff you encountered on your assent. Then you will descend back into the forest on marked trail (and again watch your markers).”

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