Holiday Bike Ride, 14 Dec 2014

Steve v. dashing through the bike lanes, on his one-person open bike:
“It was a perfect night for a sleigh-bell ride by bike around Vancouver’s holiday sights. Twelve of us, most decked out either in bike lights or attire, really rang in the holiday spirit. On our route we hit St. Paul’s, the Robson ice rink, Jack Poole plaza, Canada Place, Lost Lagoon, the West End willow tree, the tree near David Lam park and Olympic Village, plus all the trails and seawall in between.

That wasn’t the best part though. The true meaning of this season was seen in the reactions of others hearing our broadcasted Christmas music coming and then turning to see Santa Claus, Rudolph and more riding their way on a cold winter night, completely decked out in festive wheels and frame lights. We received applause, smiles, comments, compliments, and many camera flashes.

One unexpected highlight was when a carol ship paused under the Granville St. Bridge and cranked up Ave Maria on their fantastic sound system. It reverberated like a cathedral between the buildings and bridge deck. We then heard a voice – Colleen who was scheduled to ride with us yelling from the ship telling us our bikes look awesome!

It truly is better to give than to receive. I want to thank everyone that came for the extra effort they put in. This isn’t just a “pack your bag” callout; people spent money and time to make it more than the sum of the parts for this ride. Happy Holidays everyone!”

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