Historic Mushroom 07/12/08

Michelle on the Historic Mushroom trail:
“It would have been much more useful to have brought my Seymour Mountain Biking trail map guide than my evidently woefully out of date 109 hiking book. In typical Baden Powell style, the trailhead starts out unmistakably clear and then runs into numerous off shoots and trail crisscrosses. General maps are posted frequently (helpful) however only the most major trails are outlined leaving you guessing at the rest. Stay with the BP triangle trail markers all the way up, then follow the signs to the Historic Mushroom (with its interpretive display and the mushroom ‘stalk’ remnants). After the Mushroom, we walked back to the main trail (West) and followed Ned’s (Atomic Dust Bin) – which probably was the former Mystery Creek Trail in 109 – all the way back down to the power lines. We ended up taking the Bridle Trail back to Hyannis Point instead of the longer intended return route along Fisherman’s Trail. We were rewarded with lush forest, breath taking streams of sunshine through the dewy trees and blue skies upon return. Amazingly mild and sunny day! This isn’t December!”

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