Historic Mushroom 01/06/08

Merewyn on the Historic Mushroom trail:
“The day started out a bit shaky as our bus never arrived leaving 3 of us stranded at the SkyTrain (apparently they were short a bus driver today). Luckily one of our fellow hikers was able to swing by and pick us up en route to the trailhead. So much for our transit hike but thanks Melanie! Other than that and a few cancellations the day before, the hike went off without a hitch. Over the course of the day, we did a figure-eight loop through the Lower Seymour area, hiking 6 different trails in total, with a stop at the Historic Mushroom, a tree stump that used to be an information post for those hiking up the mountain (and the end point for those driving up) in the early 1900s. The trails were fairly dry, easy to follow and the group was great fun to hike with!”

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