Heather Trail / Nicomen Lake 01/08/09

Michelle on the Heather Trail to Nicomen Lake:
“Day 1: 1 French, 1 Israeli, 1 Swiss, 2 Polish, 1 Chinese/Californian, 2 BC Girls, 199km 3hrs driving, 1hr to car shuttle, 36 quarters to park, 13.5km 5hrs Blackwall to Kicking Horse. Side shows: motorcycle dog in his own coach with hush puppy ears a-flapping behind his own windshield (missing sunglasses); Bruno’s purse; new forest fire across a valley from us with helicopters water bombing and planes surveying; startled skinny dippers caught by the bottom of the First Brother; watching 10 cloves of garlic being lovingly minced for a 3 course dinner. Day 2: 9-km 4-hour side trip to the Three Brothers, then 9 km / 5 hours from Kicking Horse to Nicomen Lake. Side shows: GQ modelling at the summit of the Brothers (working the pole); sleeping bag rolling down the hill; Polish Kisiel ectoplasm dessert. Day 3: 17- km 6-8hrs Nicomen Lake to Cayuse Flats. Side shows: morning opera and water football. Casualties: 1 elephantiasis knee, 1 twisted ankle. Summary: Super well maintained/marked trails, beautiful flowers/meadows, splendid views, awesome lakeside camp (with amaaazing swimming and fishing), lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of French, lots of amoré, fabulous people, fabulous trip.”

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