Hanging Valley 05/07/08

Chris at Hanging Valley & Hidden Lake:
“Cara, Dean, Gloria, Rob and Tim joined me on an overnighter to Hanging Valley and Hidden Lake. The Van Horlick road is still 2wd (though a bit pot-holey) up to where we parked at the start of Hanging Spur. This is 2wd-able to the first turn (about 200 m) but quickly degrades to an ATV track then a trail taking you through some beautiful avalanche track meadows. On the way up, we crossed a creek on a tricky log bridge but opted to wade it on the way back. The mosquitos were, as promised, insanely bad. Particularly after emerging into the meadows above the lake after a rough flagged route through the last trees. With the rain setting in, we set up camp near the head of the valley and did some meadow exploring before supper. On Sunday we awoke to some drizzle and low cloud but it lifted as we hiked up to a sub-peak of Silent Hub and we got some good views into Blowdown and beyond. Unfortunately, Dean failed in his attempt to take a marmot home and a vicious pika tried to violently de-pants Cara. We glissaded back to camp, packed up and headed home in the early afternoon.”

Very small flag of our father

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