Hanes Valley, 14 Sep 2014

Ronald W. in Hanes Valley:
“The day started with much anticipation as Jenn, Kevin, Melissa, Pooya and Ronald commenced on the Hanes Valley trail.

After 1 1⁄2 hours from the start at Lynn Headwaters, we reached the major creek crossing. The pile of carefully placed logs allowed for an easy crossing. The trail is well marked through the beautiful forest and the dry conditions made for easy hiking. Over an hour later we arrive at the helicopter pad – the perfect spot for lunch. However, minutes later the sounds of a fast approaching North Shore Rescue chopper cut our lunch short, as volunteers disembarked to search for missing hikers that set out on the Hanes Valley trail a day earlier (note: the hikers were found later that day).

The scramble up the well flagged boulder field was made easier with the shade cover from the surrounding mountains. Ensuring we could see the next flag before continuing made for a safe scramble. As we looked back down Hanes Valley the views were breathtaking. The rest of the trail from Crown Pass to the top of Grouse Mountain was a test of endurance and stamina as it entailed more elevation gain, but on a easy to follow and dry trail. Seven hours from the start we arrived at the top of Grouse Mountain. It was truly a spectacular day filled with engaging conversation, majestic beauty and physical challenges.”

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