Garibaldi Lake/Panorama Ridge 06/09/08

Su-Laine at Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge:
“Seven hardcore backpackers plus myself headed up to Taylor Meadows on Saturday. Three went up to Black Tusk that afternoon while us other five mere mortals enjoyed a gentle walk to Garibaldi Lake. After surviving a freezing cold night and morning, when the main topic of conversation over breakfast was winter sleeping bags, we all headed to Panorama Ridge on Sunday. We had the incredibly good luck to be doing this trip on a clear weekend with blue skies, and Panorama Ridge was the most eye-filling hike I’ve ever done. September seems to be a good time to do this trip; the trail was dry, some of the wildflower show was still happening, and there were plenty of good campsites at Taylor Meadows.”

Panorama Ridge Sept 7 2008 - 32.jpg

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