Garibaldi Lake 24/12/09

Rob M. at Garibaldi Lake:
“Today, the big white welcome mat was out for 4×4’s only. The only other vehicle in the lot was a tow truck that finally showed at 7pm. Slogging our way up the patchy Barrier trail through a temperature inversion, our body temperature was up and down like a toilet seat. Travel was gnarley in snowshoes until the Taylor Meadows junction when the snow pack began to lighten up. Sometimes waist deep in wind loaded powder we descended onto Barrier Lake staying in the treeline above the gully from the Barrier Lookout. The west face of the Barrier was an ominous frieze of textbook avalanche conditions. The absence of toques frozen into the lake gave us some assurance that the ice was safe. Each lake traverse gave us a greater retina jolt. The south end of Lesser Garibaldi was filled with large wind blown knolls. We followed its shoreline gaining the summer trail just past Taylor Creek. From here it was a cakewalk into that white icing spectacle we know as Garibaldi Lake. After a brief lollygag we were southbound and in the parking lot. This time we refrained from body surfing down through the switchbacks but I did a time-honoured face plant. Oh… did I mention the car battery was dead… Youch!!”


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