Garibaldi Lake 14/06/08

Ahmad at Garibaldi Lake:
“Eleven of us reached Garibaldi Lake. The lake is not a one piece of ice anymore but thousands of little pieces floating freely. They looked like clouds and we were standing high above them. The trail is free from snow to the junction (the first 6 km). The last 2.5–3 km to the lake is still covered by snow but it was well packed and we didn’t need to use snowshoes. Half of our group wore their snowshoes at the lake and went exploring towards the base of Mount Price. We encountered about 60 people on the trail including a group of 29 people and several overnighters. We also run into Chris, another Wanderunger, who got to Panorama Ridge. He said that it was doable without snowshoes. The whole trip took 7:45 minutes.”

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