Eaton Lake 20/06/09

Steve at Eaton Lake:
“Five of us did the drive to Hope following Andrew’s clear report from last week. Despite the 16+ km on a gravel road, I feel even a low rider car would have had no problem. The bridge replacement “logs” weren’t too bad but if it had been more wet, I think it could have been a problem. The lake scenic, and worth the trip, but I could see how people might want to do more than make it to the lake (Matt Gunn’s book shows surrounding scramble routes). What was a shocker was how cold the end point of this trip was. At the lake we scrambled to put on every item of clothing we had. It was a true reminder of how even in the heat of Summer, you can get surprised by a cold snap at altitude. Watch for bold birds also. A good trip maybe worth doing if you are already out this way, but the company made up for the drive time. And in case you are wondering… a barrel is held together with a hoop!”

Beth balancing on the log.

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