Eagle Bluffs 12/06/11

Paul T. on Eagle Bluffs:
“Seven of us spent a fine day hiking to Eagle Bluffs, picking up the Baden Powell trail from the Black Mountain trailhead just across from the B.C. Ferries work yard in Horseshoe Bay, doing a loop on the way back via Whyte Lake and Nelson Canyon, returning to the starting point by the Seaview Walk in West Van. We completed the hike in just over 5 hours (past groups I’ve been with have done it in closer to 6; fit bunch this time), with leisurely breaks at the Bluffs, and at Whyte Lake on the way back where the water was just mild enough (at least at the surface) for a swim.

The trail to the Bluffs is clear of snow.

Couple of things to note: the junction of the trail to Doughnut Bluffs (lesser used and not well so well known trail) can now cause some confusion because there are a lot of new, bright trail markers at the beginning of this trail and so it might be possible to stray onto this trail without knowing you had. And, the trail approaching the Bluffs is not very well marked.”

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