Dog Mountain 20/12/08

Michelle on Dog Mountain:
“The -7 / -12 with wind chill factor definitely had us wondering and we were definitely a little on the cold side starting out (our toes were already cold from just standing outside the shopping mall!). But instead of bundling up more, we quickly heated up on the trail and inevitably began the customary strip routine by the time we hit First Lake. However, after reaching our end destination we didn’t stick around to enjoy the sunny view for very long: though the winds were calm it was just too darn cold to sit around for more than a cup of tea and quick nibble. The winter route is now marked and well trodden (although a couple of alternate routes have also been stomped out past First Lake). Good snow coverage save for a few steep, exposed, iced-over root patches not yet filled in. Good parking lot coverage too (of the vehicular type) as to be expected on a sunny day.”

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