Diez Vistas 20/06/09

Pablo finding all Diez Vistas:
“When I posted the call-out the forecast was sunny, but next day changed to rain. It was raining when we met at the meeting spot, but it stopped before the five of us started hiking. I don’t know why people complain they cannot find the 10 vistas. They are clearly marked Vista #1 to Vista # 10. That doesn’t mean they you will find 10 view points, but the 10 vistas are there. Actually, there are 2 viewpoints before the 10 vistas that are way better. The group was great, we keep a good pace and allowing lots of time to take pictures, but no-one was either running nor staying behind, in fact we stayed together the entire hike. We couldn’t finish the trip without doing the must stop at the ice cream place at the entrance of the park.”

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