Diez Vistas 16/11/08

Michelle at Diez Vistas:
“The weather people got the days reversed (Sunday and Saturday got each other’s forecast). The rain held off and it was nice and mild, but our band of 6 had 10 spectacular view points of … fog! It promised to clear at lookout 0 as we watched the horizon line and cloud separate, but the ridge became re-enveloped (although we managed to sneak a view of Baker from the Eastern view point). Instead we enjoyed the tranquil misty rain forest trail in all its mossy glory. We surprisingly had very little company on the trail even though the trail was in fine condition and the first parking lot was full (guess everyone was down on the lower trails). Note: Construction is posted as blocking the Eastern side of Trout Lake and the short cut junction at the Northern end of the trail by the log crossing isn’t marked – we took the long way down right to the end of Diez Vistas at the end of Trout Lake where it bottoms out onto the road. Six hours round trip including extra West to East viewpoint loop laps. One quart of ice cream down, 14 to go.”

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