Dennett Lake 10/07/09

Carolyne on the Dennett Lake trail:
“Four early risers went to tackle Dennet Lake. After a steady climb we had a water break at Munro Lake and then pressed on. It soon became obvious that the trail hadn’t been cleared recently when we started having to go under, over and around many fallen trees. Dennett Lake was lovely when we stopped for lunch. On the map in ‘103 Hikes’, it shows a path to the west end of the lake and then two paths: one to take the ‘wet route’ down via the Village-Lake Trail, the other up to the ridge. We only saw one trail. After a steady climb we emerged about 30-45 minutes later at a junction for Harper Road. Not where we wanted to be. However, there was the consolation of the beauty of Hourglass Lake and making it almost to the summit of the ridge. We headed back to Dennett Lake. After some searching behind one of the campsites, the wet route was found. It went through a number of little water meadows. Eventually we arrived at the junction with the main trail. BEWARE: the trail map is not accurate for the wet route starting at Dennett Lake. Also worthwhile: Munro Lake lookout.”

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