Deeks Lake, 28 Sep 2014

Jaime at Deeks Lake:
“Four of us headed up to Deeks Lake on a sunny Sunday. Myself (Jaime), Ingrid, Susan and Andrew had the perfect fall day for hiking. The gate at the bottom of the logging road was open so we tried to get closer to the trailhead. The logging road is SO drivable except in one steeper area where it’s pretty washed out. Totally doable with decent clearance. I wanted to go all the way but my rusty undercarriage and wiggly exhaust begged me not to. We made it part way to the TH at least. The hike up was great, really well marked the whole route. Under cover most of the way so it would be a great rainy day hike. We saw some other Wanderungers on the trail, which was a lovely surprise. When we got to the lake I had an AMAZING swim. Swimming in mountain lakes to me is like being in liquid magic. Andrew was brave enough to jump in and Susan and Ingrid were content to shake their heads at us 🙂 We had a long, lazy lunch in the sun. On the way back, that logging road seemed endless and boring. It would be so much better to be able to drive to the trailhead every time. It was a great day!”

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