Cypress Peak 14/09/08

Ahmad on Cypress Peak:
“Ryan, Gloria, Marcin, Dean, Jinsi, David, Sabine, and myself summited Cypress Peak on one of the most beautiful days of the year. The views were indeed endless. The 11 km-logging road was a challenge for a low 2wd car. I opted not to finish the last 2 km but it is very doable with a higher clearance. The trailhead is not obvious. There are many logging ribbons with pink color tied or hanging on trees but the trailhead is still ahead. It is located about 20 m from the very end of the logging road and temporarily marked with a stick and a flying ribbon. Crossing Roe Creek wasn’t hard on this time of the year. After that, it is best to stay on the left side of the creek coming down on Cypress slopes. Most of us did the crux through the easy way (Route C), which I didn’t find hard or exposed. The rest of the scramble was between easy and moderate on great rocks. The summit is small. There was barely enough room for our group. The whole trip took 9 hours. Great team effort, which made everyone to summit in a high spirit. Many thanks to Tim for providing me lots of information about the trail.”

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