Crown Mountain 11/07/09

Su-Laine on Crown Mountain:
“Ow, my legs hurt. Other than two sections of moderate scrambling, the statistics on this one make it look like a moderate 9 km hike from the top of the Grouse Mountain Skyride. There are several climbs and descents each way, so although the overall elevation gain is only 455 m, in total you’re probably climbing over 1000 m, and I found it a lot more tiring than another 1000+ m hike I’d done a few weeks ago (Eagle Bluffs). Maybe it was the hot sun, or maybe the fact that the trail requires so many damned deep knee bends for smaller people like me.

I’d posted this as a 5-6 hour hike but it ended up taking us about 8.5 hrs, including breaks and half an hour off-trail when some of us missed a marker. The off-trail part took us down some slippery rocks and wasn’t fun; other than that the scrambling was fun. It was good to be in a group so we could spot each other and learn from others’ techniques. The summit is snow-free but we had to cross a couple of patches of packed snow lower down where hiking poles were useful.”

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