Coliseum Mtn 03/08/08

Alice on Coliseum Mountain:
“We changed to go on Sunday instead because of the weather. Thank God for the perfect weather, clear gorgeous view surround and most of all, no injuries and we’re all safely back although some of us arrived very late. The trail is clear for the most part, only patches of snow still towards the top but not dangerous at all. Roots are slippery as it soaked in the snow for so long, I doubt if they’d ever dry under the forest but it’s manageable. A little bit a scrambling but not much and not hard. Nice to be hiking mostly under the shade and varied different terrain. It’s difficult and strenuous in some parts but it’s not as bad as I heard. But it’s definitely worth to wait for a clear sunny day to go except if you just want a good workout. It’s VERY long, 25 km! It was a great hike, recommended!”

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