Boise Trail/Tricouni Meadows 24/07/08

David in search of the Boise Trail:
“Denis and I got up extra early to do this hike because of all the unknown factors involved. Unknown trail conditions, road conditions etc. Unfortunately, the only question answered was road conditions. The Mamquam service road was blocked by a crew removing the bridge at mile 15. They didn’t seem to think that a new bridge will be in place anytime soon, so this trail will remain an enigma.

Thinking fast, we decided to cross Squamish to Tricouni meadows. The logging road was in rough shape but was no problem for my SUV. The branches are closing in though and, unfortunately, christened the SUV with scratches on both sides. I guess that it was bound to happen sometime.

The trail was wet and muddy for the first 45 minutes, At first, I cursed myself for wearing low top trail shoes, but after stepping into mid-calf deep mudholes, I was glad that I didn’t wear my boots. They only would have held more water and mud. Once past the boggy section the trail ascended to a beautiful series of alpine lakes. At the end of the second lake, someone has recently been carving a totem pole, giving the area a peaceful and surreal atmosphere. There is no official trail to the lakes but there are many paths that will get you there.

One last bit of advice. There was very little blooming in the meadows at this time. This hike will be stunning in another couple of weeks.”

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