Baden-Powell Trail 26/04/08

Carollyne on the Baden-Powell trail:
“Six of us enjoyed hiking and conversing from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon on a perfect sunny day. In about 30 minutes we reached a lovely viewpoint of a paddle race in Deep Cove as well as the surrounding inlet. The trail was in great shape, with quite a few boardwalks and staircases – and well marked. We didn’t find any really good spots for lunch although there are pleasant riverside beaches later on. Twin Falls, various river views and bridges make the occasional backyard views and road crossings only slightly annoying. Doing this as a transit hike from Phibbs Exchange worked very well, although be forewarned that the bus from Lynn Canyon doesn’t run on Sundays. Due to the hillyness of the terrain I would rate is easy-moderate rather than easy. An excellent low-elevation hike.”

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