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Panorama Ridge 07/12/08

Ahmad on Panorama Ridge:
“Our small group of Ian and I had plenty of luck. The luck of 2 weeks was squeezed into one day. The weather turned clear in the afternoon. The snow was fairly packed. There was a sort of track that we could follow most of the way. So we extended our initial plan and got to the official viewpoint of Panorama Ridge. We estimated the snow to be 0.4-0.5 m in Taylor Meadows, where we started to use snowshoes, and just over 1 m on the Ridge. The snowline started at 1100 m. The park was almost empty except for several students doing their research on the Barrier. Our whole trip took about 10 hours.”

Widgeon Falls 21/03/08

Greg M. at Widgeon Falls:
“After a very, very last minute callout, I ended up having to turn away people. In just the first 20 minutes I had 10 replies. I over filled the trip with eight: Harris, Kevin, Daniel & Charlotte, Nadia & Joel, and me. For those who know me and have heard about the horror story last weekend of driving up to Nelson (2 flat tires, highway closures, 80kph spin, and a near empty tank), you will not be surprised with what mother-nature had in store for us this weekend. We began our saga at the trail head where we rented canoes. We suited up and readied ourselves for the adventure. Since we were running a bit late, we met up with Joel and Nadia at the rental house who planned to catch us later on the trail. Warmly greeting their arrival and gladly sharing the canoe costs, we made our way up river. The sun was shining from behind and the view of the mountains in the clouds was perfected only by the white of the snow on the trees. Then something hit our heads. Many things, actually. And we realized that we found ourselves in a hail storm. It sounds terrible, I know, but you at least stay dry. Then it began to rain. And we concluded our hike quite wet. However, the feeling in the camp was very good, and we had a great time. We learned about the J-stroke, chanted 1-2-1-2 like warriors, and some of us even had to get out of the canoe at one point as it had run aground. Hard. We have video. Upon review of the pictures and movies, everyone was laughing the whole time. And the hot chocolate really made drying off fun.”