Alouette Mtn 19/02/11

Ben on Alouette Mountain:
“The day was bright and the trail was long. If you are seeking a route that offers some views along the way, look elsewhere. Prior to reaching the summit there is basically nothing to see except stretches of old access road. The portion of the trail that overlaps with the old road is well marked, with wooden signs indicating the turn off points. Beyond the final turn off the markers are a lot more sporadic. Bring your route-finding and tape-spotting skills. We were lucky to be passed at this point by a group of locals who blazed the trail forward. The snow was in good condition. It was fresh but beginning to consolidate. At the top we enjoyed the close up view of the Blanchard Needle, and then retreated from the wind to have our lunch in the shelter of some trees. Thanks to Adrian and Lori for joining me.”

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