Alouette Mountain, 21 Sep 2014

Steve v. on Alouette Mountain:
“This was my 100th hike of the 103 Hikes book (5th edition), and one I wasn’t looking forward to. The reviews from people I knew were not positive, and it was slated to be a full 9 hours for minimal payoff. However, I’m happy to report, it exceeded my modest expectations.

I think for this hike, we hit it on the right day, with the right people. My trip partners (Laura, Lisa and Stephen), all appreciate more than just views. This trail offers a ton of forest walking including old growth and plenty of fertile mushroom areas (not to mention abundant berry patches on this trip!). The temperature was starting to feel less like summer and more like fall which was perfect for the long ascent.

The Blanchard Needle was impressive and right in your face across a deep divide, but I think to make this trip worth the time spent, you have to do the Lake Beautiful side trail (which does not add distance, it is just a choice. In there were the best parts of the old growth. To not do that, 90% of your trip feels just like sections of the Norvan Falls and Lynn Peak trails.”

Alouette Mountain, Sept 2014

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